Age Discrimination Charge and Lawsuit | Damages for Employee Victims, Employer Remedies

Employees who are subjected to age discrimination may recover the following remedies:

  • Back pay 
  • Job offer previously denied
  • Promotion
  • Reinstatement (if terminated)
  • Front pay 
  • Under the ADEA also, liquidated damages (up to twice the amount of back pay) may be awarded if it is proven that the employer engaged in a "willful" violation of the Act. The employee must prove that the employer knowingly violated the ADEA or acted in "reckless disregard" of its provisions
  • Costs and expenses of litigation such as attorneys' fees, expert witness fees, and court costs.

    An employer may also be required to post notices to all employees addressing the violations of a specific charge and advising them of their rights under the laws EEOC enforces and their right to be free from retaliation. The employer also may be required to take remedial actions to correct or prevent future instances of age discrimination and to desist from further discriminatory acts.